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I am a Java and Kotlin programmer with over N years of experience in the field. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work in the banking and fintech sectors, where I have gained valuable experience in developing and maintaining complex systems. In my free time, I have a number of hobbies and interests, including game development, diy projects, playing musical instruments, and language learning. I am always seeking new challenges and opportunities to expand my skills and knowledge, and am excited to see what the future holds for my career.



JetBrains, Berlin, Germany

Java/Kotlin Software Developer @ Product Analytics Platform

JULY 2023 - ${now()}

In the product analytics platform, we collect and process feature usage statistics sent from all different JB products.

DeliveryHero, Berlin, Germany

Staff Software Engineer

AUGUST 2022 - JUNE 2023

In addition to my responsibilities in the senior position I am now more focused on inter team collaboration, design discussions and knowledge sharing.

Senior Software Engineer


My role in Fintech is to implement and maintain a payment ecosystem that functions in many regions all over the world. I participate in deliveries from the initial design to production rollout, support & monitoring. I am responsible for:


Kotlin/Java, Spring(Boot), PostgreSQL, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Datadog, Github CI, Opsgenie

Deutsche Bank, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Senior Software Developer


I took part in the development of a middleware application responsible for the conversion, validation, and routing of financial transactions. My role included the following responsibilities:

Skills and Technologies:

Scrum, JavaEE, Oracle DB, Kotlin, XML/XSD/XSLT, Spring, Linux, JUnit, Maven, Gradle, Weblogic, Jenkins, SonarQube, JavaScript, KotlinJS, Bootstrap

Luxoft, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Java Developer


Outsourcing for Deutsche Bank, the same project from the position above.

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

Junior Java Developer

APRIL 2013 - FEBRUARY 2014

Development of Quality Management System for University administration. Research in the field of ranking and optimization problems. Stack: JavaEE, GWT, JBoss AS, Ant, MySQL


Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

Master of System Analysis and Control

SEPTEMBER 2007 - JUNE 2013

Presidential Physics and Mathematics Lyceum №239

Saint Petersburg, Russia SEPTEMBER 2005 - JUNE 2007


My Github page:

Here are some of the projects I have participated in

Deutsche Bank Hackathons


Developed a platform for connecting people who want to share knowledge with interested people within the company.

Stack: Vaadin, Spring Boot, Java


Pull Request reviewers suggester. Integrated different Atlassian components to find the most relevant reviewers for a pull request based on Jira issue participants, previous git committers in related code, vacation calendar, and other rules.

Stack: Java, Jenkins, Bitbucket, Confluence, Jira


Debt recording and netting system based on blockchain. The debts are recorded to the ledger and can be mutually settled. In the case of transitive debts, it simplifies the payment.

Stack: Nxt blockchain platform, JavaScript, Java

Topory Game, 2014

3D Game. Server and client, implementation of fast and reliable messaging over UDP

Stack: Java, JMonkey

CMS System for Dance School, OOO Tandens 2012

Design and development of Client Management System (CMS) - desktop application and database for managing client attendance and subscription, teachers availability.

Stack: Java, Swing, Maven, JPA, JDBC, MySQL, Ubuntu


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